Month: February 2014

Applying The 3M Model In Travel Retail

Those of you who have been reading my blog and book will recognise the diagram on the left. The 3M model is a simple approach created to help those in Travel Retail to focus their thinking on who they should target. I have written an article for the Passenger Terminal Today website that discusses the model and offers an example of how the 3M model can be applied. To read the article…. please CLICK HERE As ever, thank you for reading....

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Deconstructing Travel Retail – Ancillary Revenues

In my last post, I mentioned that I would share some perspectives on Ancillary revenues. I am sure that the first thing that springs to mind are the things that airlines do like baggage fee’s, in-flight food and drink and if rumour were to be true – paying to go to the toilet on a certain low cost carrier! Thankfully, that last one has not appeared just yet. Of course, as a travel retailer, breaking down each stage of the sale really isn’t possible unless the retailer wanted to offer a ‘shop and deliver’ service and charge a premium...

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