Month: March 2014

How to AMPLIFY the effectiveness of signage

In my last article, I talked about my experience at a Speed Awareness course. I learned a very valuable lesson from the participants trying to recall a road sign that they have probably seen thousands of times in their lifetime. I have also received many emails from people who have also tried the same test…. And failed! I summarized by saying that you CAN amplify the effectiveness of your signage, brand and promotions. Here is how…. My Airport Experience I flew through a European airport recently. It was an early morning flight and it was clear that there were a lot of business people travelling. Bleary eyed, I walked through the airport and to my amazement, there was almost ZERO interaction. Some of the key contact points included: Check In No interaction until I asked a question. That was the total contact we had. Security The security staff were talking to each other and did not interact with me. They did not mention my belt (they were too distracted) so I had to go back through again. Café The manager had to tell someone to serve me. Very limited interaction. Duty Free Store Zero interaction. No approach. No eye contact. I sat outside the duty free store for a while and this was the same for a number of customers who were browsing. One shopper was persistent and asked...

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Is Your Store or Brand Memorable?

It happened just before Christmas. I was on my way to get my son’s Christmas present on a quiet Sunday morning. I was driving around a bend on a dual carriageway and overtaking a lorry and there it was. A speed camera. I was 1 mile per hour over the acceptable limit (approximately 1.6 km/h for those using metric) and 2 days later a letter arrived. I had a choice – receive points on my license and a fine or go on a speed awareness course. Funnily enough – I went on the course. I am glad I did...

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