Month: April 2014

The Often Underrated Category in Travel Retail

In this update, I wanted to cover a category that can often be viewed as the poor relation. It is often squeezed into the smallest spaces, put to the coldest part of the store and I have even been involved in conversations where a store manager wanted to drive it out of the store completely. Can you guess which category I am talking about? Read on… Some time ago, I remember listening to someone within Travel Retail talk about getting the shopper to trade up. They were advocates for doing less work in store yet grow sales. Whilst the logic is straightforward, the implications are concerning. The example they gave was this… “It is a lot less work to sell 1 bottle of Whisky at £30 than it is to sell 8 to 10 Confectionery items. The replenishment rates are far lower as the stock turn is lower. With Confectionery, you are constantly having to re-fill the shelves every few hours.” Some of you might be reading that and agreeing – ‘What a great idea, let’s just cut out Confectionery’. Before you do rush off and start de-listing… just consider these 3 points. Confectionery is a Traffic Driver Confectionery is a highly impulsive and emotive category. It is low involvement (meaning that it takes little in the way of consideration to make a purchase) and has broad appeal. Confectionery...

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One Way To Set Up Your Travel Retail Strategy To Fail

I have discussed it many times in this blog. The most critical information you can use in Travel Retail is passenger numbers. There are many variations of passenger numbers available out there but there is one set that will absolutely undermine any strategy that you develop and potentially kill it dead in its tracks. A couple of years ago, I was inspired by a TV program to take up baking. I had always wanted to know how to make bread and was always told that it was ‘tricky’. So, one day, I went out and bought the ingredients and...

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