Month: September 2014

Engagement Is Key

This weekend it was my birthday and so we decided to take our son into London for a day out. The day started with breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien in Covent Garden, a trip around HMS Belfast, the obligatory trip to Hamleys toy shop and finally dinner at the Rainforest Café. Oh and a trip to Apple to check out the iPhone6! What struck me on this day out was how far retailers and attractions were going to make a visit an experience. The intention? To engage the shopper / visitor, to make it memorable and of course to make people spend more. In this post, I will cover a key point from each location: Le Pain Quotidien A French bakery in the heart of Covent Garden that has been designed to look rustic and authentic.  After a few minutes you could forget that you were in London and feel like you were in the historical part of Cannes. HMS Belfast A warship now docked on the Thames in London. Parts of this attraction have been designed to engage most of the senses, the sights, sounds and smells all converge to create a kinesthetic effect. Hamleys This is just manic. The famous (and crowded!) toy store with a hands on approach to toys, entertainers on every floor wowing audiences with tricks and effects that make you want to spend. They...

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My Speech In China

Last week was a busy week indeed. I had been invited to speak at the China Airports & Retail conference in Shenzhen. I had my speech all prepared but my journey and experiences traveling out there gave me some excellent examples to share. It meant that I had to re-write it but I think it was worth it. Although the headline for my speech remained the same (“Optimising the passenger experience to drive customer satisfaction and spend”), I used live examples to share some very new perspectives on Shopper Research. Whilst it is a small conference by comparison to...

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