Month: November 2014

Shopper Engagement : Impulse Conversion Of Over 35% on a $25 Product

The other weekend my wife and I went to do some Christmas shopping. Yes, I know.. It does seem a little early to be doing such things but it has become necessary. I am heading to Hong Kong soon to deliver a training course on Key Account Management and Category Management and my wife had a lot of travel to do before Christmas. Mid shopping trip we went to a department store and sat and had a coffee and some lunch. At a key location within the store and in full view of the cafe, a lady was selling sparkling wine. The conversion she was achieving was over 35%. Through tasting, the products unique point of difference & the message she was writing on each bottle, the product was selling fast. At a price point of £17/$25 a bottle, this was good going for the retailer. In fact I bought a bottle! The point of difference? Watch the video… Please note…. this bottle is a bottle of sparking wine that is clear when the bottle is settled. The bottle is then tipped and it becomes opaque and swirling like in the video. I apologise for the fact that the bottle didn’t start off clear in the video…. my son came along and picked up, tipped it and asked what it was! Key Learnings There are a number of key...

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The Joy Of Retail

Despite needing to work today, I had to go into my nearest city to take my iPad in for repair. Unfortunately it had been involved in a minor accident with my wife’s foot! My son had also received a commendation certificate at school and so we decided to reward him with a toy. My son knew exactly what he wanted and so we jumped on the train and headed to the shopping centre to kill 2 birds with one stone. It is this shopping mission that has led me to write this article. Such a simple transaction has led...

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