Month: April 2015

Significant Impactor For Travel Retail

Mix, Mix, Mix. If you a long standing reader of this blog, you will know that I have often talked about the impact of passenger mix on retailer performance. This could be in terms of Full Service vs Low Cost, Nationality Mix or even Carrier Mix. All of these factors make an airport unique and therefore the sales dynamics in a travel retail store unique. No two locations are alike. These mix elements have an impact on how well a store in a given location will perform. This knowledge should drive Assortment and Space decisions at a store by...

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Dufry / WDF : What to Expect in the First 100 Days

I am sure you are all aware by now that Dufry has acquired a controlling stake in WDF. Dufry claims that it can achieve over $100m of savings in synergies but what can we expect over the first 100 days? In a nutshell, not as much as you might expect. Travel Retail does not generally move at the pace you would expect from a domestic environment. There are some key things that will happen though. Having worked for WDF during the Ferrovial takeover of BAA and the integration of Alpha and Aldeasa, there are some things that will definitely be on...

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