Month: March 2017

Fridays : Why The Team Leaves Early

At One Red Kite, we believe family time is important. As of this Friday, I have insisted that the team leave by 3pm at the latest. There are 3 key reasons for doing this: 1. Commitment The team are committed and work hard for our clients. Our clients know that they can rely on us, whatever, whenever. The team show up before they should and stay late. When they travel, they never switch off. They go over and above without being asked to.   2. Family Time Those with children often miss out on the little things like picking up their children from school. The excitement on my son’s face when I pick him up on occasions is priceless. It means so much to him. Do children want memories of their parents always at the office? Probably not. 3. Maximise Weekends When you do long hours, you have no choice but to do chores at weekends. This eats into your downtime. Many years ago I returned from backpacking and I got a temp job in a marketing department at a company supplying the military. Their approach was that if you completed your contracted hours by 1pm on a Friday, you could go home. This was a revelation! It felt like you had a long weekend, every weekend. On the Friday afternoon, you had the opportunity to get all your...

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Retail Is A Lost Art (and Why Digital Is Gaining Ground)

Retail Is A Lost Art (and why Digital is gaining ground) I consider myself to have been incredibly lucky. I stumbled into a job with an electrical retailer many years ago. I didn’t realise just how fortuitous that had been. I found myself within a team of retail elite – the high performers – the ones that always won the awards, smashed targets and received the biggest bonuses in our area.   My good fortune stuck as I moved around to different stores in different areas. Once again, I found myself surrounded by the cream of the crop. Personally, I...

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