Month: June 2017

Want Wi-Fi Passwords For Airports Around The World?

It is something we all want whenever we travel! The Wi-Fi codes for airports. Check out the original blog here by Anil Polat. The blog has the original map on that you see below. You can also find details of the apps too. To use this, zoom into the airport you need, click on the plane and the details will come up. Remember to bookmark this page for easy access. Have a great day. *Photo by Oliur Rahman on...

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Delivery To Gate : Opportunity or Channel Killer?

Will Delivery To Gate Add Value? There has been much discussion recently on how digital solutions can help drive growth within Travel Retail. In particular, the solution at Fraport where people can buy online and have the product delivered to their gate. Wonderful idea but in practice, a major challenge. I was a commercial analyst at a major retailer when the Liquids And Gels ban looked like all products bought in stores would then need to be purchased in store delivered to gate for collection. The findings of the analysis struck fear into the retailer. In short, the business (and...

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