Month: October 2017

Passenger Numbers – Free Dashboards

Passenger Numbers Are An Essential Benchmark Data is essential for any business. In Travel Retail, data can often be difficult to find. We help brands make the most of the limited data they have. For those who have to work with lots of spreadsheets and stitch things together manually, we take that pain away. At One Red Kite, we help by building easy to use dashboards that make insights easier to find, saving time and money. We have now created free dashboards that you can find at The dashboards are optimised for desktop or tablet and are fully interactive...

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Another Missed Opportunity?

It was my birthday a few days ago (no.. this isn’t the opportunity but if you are feeling generous in Cannes, I will gladly accept a drink if you are offering!). For my birthday, I went to the cinema. The day had finally come when Kingsman – The Golden Circle had been released. As I settled in and began watching the film it dawned on me that Travel Retail had just missed a big opportunity. realised just how much this film applied to the Travel Retail market. I am not talking about the storyline here. I am talking about...

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