I have been a fan of Simon Sinek for a while now, ever since I discovered one of his talks on TED. I then read his book – “Start With Why”. It is an amazing book and worth a read. I always knew I there was a “Why” to starting One Red Kite. I followed his methodology and clarified my company why…. Here it is….
This is why we we get up every day.
“Help People Succeed Through Our Expertise & Services”
Or to make it even simpler….
“Help People Succeed”
Those 8 words set the tone of the business. It defines us, it defines how we recruit, it defines how we work,  it defines what we stand for. 8 simple words. It means that even when I am travelling, my team know what to priortise and what is expected of them. They should do the things that will help our clients succeed.


 Anyway, I thought I would share this video as Simon Sinek makes some very valid points.

I recently had a coffee with someone and we discussed the state of recruitment. He went on to refer to Millennials as “Snowflake” generation. I asked him what he meant and his explanation was… “The millennials I have seen are like snowflakes. Put them under a small amount of pressure and they buckle and melt”. This video goes some way to explain that thinking. It is 15 minutes well spent.

Since that video… he has created a follow up video. This is well worth a watch too.

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