We have created an app that will lower your costs but bring you closer to the front line than ever before. Designed by travel retail experts, it is the essential tool for retailers, brands and airports.




This powerful app has been developed to help bring teams together and to bring them closer to the shopper.

With unique functionality, this app will transform performances for retailers, brands and operators.


Product Knowledge

Train your teams or sell to shoppers by sharing videos & product information.

capture insight

From surveys to staff feedback, gather insights quickly and effectively.

easy photos

Have your team take photos or video clips on their device & label them in the app.

share documents

Share information such as training or merchandising best practices with key team members.

easy search

Find your store photos easily and in one place with our rapid search system.


Communicate with the team with the in-built instant messenger.

The essential tool for transforming travel retail

Information when it is needed for the people who need it. Drive results with The Travel Retail App.

capture the store

The app allows you to capture photos & video, tag them with key words to suit you and then sync to the cloud.

Never Lose A Photo

It is easy to access your team’s images from anywhere.  It is simple to search and find the photos you need.

offline capability

The app works even when there is no Wi-Fi. Just sync the app later for updates.

adding value

Such simplicity saves on time and money. Instant feedback from the front line increases productivity.


“At last, photos taken by the team are easy to find, easy to search and easy to use”


"The Potential to transform travel retail is huge. To create something that cuts costs and increases insight is a game changer."

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