If you work for a brand, it is easy to get caught up with what you think is important to grow your sales. You create your strategy, develop the initiatives to deliver against that strategy, prepare your presentations and head off to the retailer to convince them that this is the way forward. Some manage to get their initiatives running, others do not.

Are you frustrated?

How many key account managers walk away frustrated? You know what will work right? Why don’t the retailers listen? Why wont they give me data? Why is it that I am not getting my products listed? Why is it that the retailer makes us pay for everything?

All of these questions are common and very valid. I have just run a 2 day training course in Hong Kong to answer some of these questions. Having worked for a travel retailer across a number of functions for many years, the course draws very heavily that experience.  I have also worked with a number of retailers since and there are some commonalities across all of them. This makes us well placed to design and deliver such a programme.

What are they saying about you?

I want you to stop for a moment. I want you to think about what THEY are saying about you. Are they positive? Are they engaged?

You might be surprised to hear that retailers can be equally frustrated. Would it surprise you that retailers often say that brands do not understand travel retail? Would it surprise you that they say that they often do not feel supported? Well… they do say these things and I could go on but I think you get the point.

Do More, Sell More

By understanding the retailer from their perspective, key account managers and brands can better tailor their messages to resonate with the retailers. During our course, we share ONE thing that will completely transform your relationship with retailers. We then go on to show you how it can underpin EVERYTHING that you do. We give you tools that you can take away and make a difference to your relationships immediately.

Get Beyond Margin Conversations

Our 2 day course is comprehensive and modular. The Key Account Management & Category Management Travel Retail can be split into 2 one day courses. I shared the agenda with one of the worlds biggest travel retailers and they were impressed with the design and depth that the course provides.

I certainly believe that those taking the course will quickly gain a competitive advantage. We focus on immediate application from the very start of day 1 with our “Learn, Try, Apply” approach.

For a no obligations discussion about our courses and how we can tailor them to your needs, please contact me on kevin.brocklebank@oneredkite.com.

Thank you for reading.