Do You Have A Retail Sales Prevention Team?

So… by now I am sure you are familiar with my search for a birthday gift for my wife and despite all the airports I visited, I failed that task abysmally. So, having missed her birthday and returned home without an appropriate gift, I have a serious brownie point deficit! So why did I make it home empty handed? I will share with you an experience with a Luxury store.

First Impressions

So… the clock was ticking. I was under a bit of pressure to find a gift and then get to gate. What could I get her? I wandered round trying to get inspiration. The iPad. She has an iPad but no cover. I headed over to a luxury retailer that sells Luxury leather goods and had a look around. On first impressions it is a very nice store. It was:

  • Clean & tidy
  • Clear layout
  • The products were the star
  • It felt like it was a luxurious store

Once into shopper mode, the first impressions were under pressure. The offer was:

  • Fragmented
  • Dis-jointed
  • Confusing

Creating Doubt

In essence… it wasn’t the simple shopping experience you need when in a time pressured environment. However, this was the least of their worries. The staff interaction was less than ideal. The member of staff who, judging by the state of his airside badge, had been part of this store for some time seemed to lack the skill set to ask probing questions to help me find the right case. The blank look I must have had on my face was met with an equally blank greeting. There are ‘5 Major Generals’ that should be used in EVERY retail sale – these are questions that quickly uncover the shoppers need and objections in order to close the sale. Not one of them was used. He did however give me a number of reasons NOT to buy…

  • Are you sure that is the iPad your wife has?
  • Are you sure this is the colour she would want?
  • Are sure that this is the design she would prefer?

He was a master of putting doubt into the mind of the shopper. When a shopper has a reasonable doubt… they will not buy.

The Final Nail

As a final nail in the coffin of the sale… I asked:

  • I am travelling through here in a week, can I collect it on my way back through? No.
  • Can I post it then? No
  • What are my options? Take it with you.

Yes… you guessed it. I thanked him and went on my way. It wasn’t the response that I got, it was the way that it was said. Defeated, I hoped for better at the next airport.

Do you have a retail sales prevention team in store? Even in the domestic market, I have been shocked at how difficult it has been to actually spend money in stores. There is hope however and it is easy to fix.

Next week, I will share with you a store that stopped me in my tracks (in a good way)… literally!

Until next time. Thank you for reading and sharing.

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