Just a quick post today.

​On a walk home and I started to thinking about digital marketing and wondered what the Google Trends site would uncover.

In this post, there are a series of charts. The charts look at the last 5 years for defined search trends. It does not show actual numbers but a relative index compared to a peak.

​So… let’s begin….

My first thought was to search for Duty Free Shop and it suggested Duty-free shop.

​As you can see on the trendline below, the searches peaked in the summer of 2012. Since then, the term has been in steady decline.

My next search was “airport shopping”. Once again, it peaked in the summer of 2012. Although this is based on a worldwide search, this seems to correlate with the London 2012 Olympics. Could people travelling to the event also be looking for airport shopping?

When you look at the UK, this remains consistent although searches also peaked in the summer of 2015.

What is interesting though is the seasonal variations. Summer is clearly a time when airport duty free is on the minds of the british (see below).

As a final chart, I looked up Dubai Duty Free (see below). Here you can see some massive peaks. These massive peaks relate to when the Tennis Championships are on. Removing this, there does appear to be a slow and gradual increase. Without actual traffic numbers, it is difficult to assess whether they are consistently driving significant growth in traffic.

So, a quick assessment of some key terms has highlighted the following:

  • Duty Free appears to be a search term that is seeing a decline relative to its peak in 2012
  • Airport shopping is a relatively consistent term for searches
  • Seasonality appears to play a factor with regards to searches
  • Sponsorship of events may just be an interesting twist on Duty Free marketing

Our of curiosity, based on these findings, I thought I would check out the TFWA as a search term. The chart below shows clear peaks which is around the time of Cannes. The next smaller peak is the May (TFWA Singapore). As you can see, for each event, there is a gradual build up.

I hope this has been helpful.

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