Dear Reader

I have some exciting news. After receiving a number of requests, I have decided to turn the existing content of the blog into an ebook. Readers wanted to be able to:

– read content offline
– have an easy to use format to review articles
– share the complete content with clients and colleagues
– have an easy reference guide to go to

The ebook addresses all of these requirements and is now available worldwide through amazon. You can check out the link here:

I very much value your support and readership and for this reason, I will be making the ebook FREE to download between Saturday 19th October 2013 and Wednesday 23rd October 2013 with my compliments.

I have very much appreciated your positive feedback and enthusiasm for the articles and I will continue to release updates on the blog regularly. I would also welcome your feedback / rating on the Amazon site please.

Thank you for following! See you in Cannes.

Best Regards