Last week was a busy week indeed. I had been invited to speak at the China Airports & Retail conference in Shenzhen. I had my speech all prepared but my journey and experiences traveling out there gave me some excellent examples to share. It meant that I had to re-write it but I think it was worth it.

Although the headline for my speech remained the same (“Optimising the passenger experience to drive customer satisfaction and spend”), I used live examples to share some very new perspectives on Shopper Research.

Whilst it is a small conference by comparison to some, the calibre of the speakers was fantastic. It was a privilege to spend with and share the stage with highly experienced and knowledgeable people from the industry. Each of our companies cover a different part of the travel sphere and so Pincaux Media did well to create a 360 feel to the conference.

I would like to thank Pincaux Media, the China Civil Aviation Association and Shenzhen airport for the very kind invitation.

If you would like to receive a copy of the slides and a transcript please contact me at If you would like me to talk you through it and share even more details, please contact me to arrange a meeting in Cannes.

As ever, thank you for reading and sharing