Shoppers Are Missing The Obvious

I have a question.

Have you ever gone into the usual cupboard in the kitchen to look for the salt [or another item] and couldn’t find it? For me, the salt is normally in the cupboard at the end. Middle shelf. Right hand side. BUT – there are days when you scour that cupboard and you become convinced that someone has clearly moved it. Sometimes an argument follows with other members of the household and it can escalate into a full blown “Why can’t you just put stuff away!” rant as you wander around the house in search of the missing salt. Of course, it usually ends with my wife saying “Here it is!”. Yes, you guessed it, she is at the usual cupboard pointing to the shelf below!

In order to soften the blow to your pride you might respond with something like “Well… who put it there?!?” like it is a million miles from where it should be. Of course, you know that actually you have had what some might call a “senior moment”. We all have those moments but why is it that we can sometimes fail to see something right in front of us?

Retail Application

This weekend I was chatting to someone who works in an O2 store. For international readers, O2 is a leading mobile phone service provider. He told me a variety of interesting stories but something struck me. Despite its prominent position on the high street, its big signage and its blue colour scheme (that differentiates it from other mobile phone providers), shoppers failed to see it. Shoppers walk in asking him where the O2 store is or where the EE store is (another provider just along the street).

So, let’s just consider this for a moment. People walk into the shop that has O2 plastered all over it and yet they do not realise it. Another common question is “Do you sell iPhone accessories?”. Quite often, the shopper has walked past the fixture with the iPhone accessories on them to ask the sales assistant that very question.

So what does this have to do with Travel Retail?

Given the shopper’s state of mind and the distractions they are under (the importance of the Passport, Wallet, Boarding Pass, Phone etc), passengers often miss clear and bold messages, promotions or signage. As with most things, simplicity is key. 3 key steps to help shoppers part with their hard earned money include:

  1. Keep the shop floor as open as possible. Do not block access with fixtures.
  2. Make signage simple and instantly understandable
  3. Have staff available to help shoppers. This will increase interaction and interaction grows sales.

One thing is clear, shoppers easily miss the obvious. Simple actions can help reduce the chance of them missing your store and  therefore grow your sales.

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Thank you for reading & sharing.

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