Firstly, I need to apologise for not posting for a while. It has been a super busy couple of months with recruiting, moving into new offices and delivering for our clients.

Now that we are in place, the posts will be more frequent going forward. 2016 is all set to be a super exciting year.

Today, I want to mention the power of social media when travelling. Yesterday, I posted a note on Facebook regarding my Uber trip. I had never used Uber before and it is a great concept – except this journey! It took forever to  get to where I was going.

To clarify, I contacted Uber through the app and they investigated and agreed my journey was “not optimal” and gave me a partial refund.

So, one of my friends had spotted this and knew I was travelling and would be going through the airport. A request came through for a bottle of Zubrowka. I just had enough time to pick up a bottle before jumping on a flight. While waiting to board, I posted a picture “From Heathrow’s Finest” with a picture of a World Duty Free bag.

Prior to that I had a request via WhatsApp to pick up something for a friend.

I had planned to go straight to the British Airways lounge but I was influenced by others to pick up products on my journey. I never made it to the lounge.

There are a number of elements at play here and I will go into more detail around the science another time.

For now, there are opportunities here to grow sales. For some, Digital is the magic bullet. For us, it is just another medium to utilise – the marketing basics and the essence of human behaviour are what we would expect.

As ever, thank you for reading and sharing. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.