At One Red Kite, we have been amazed by the number of talented Travel Retail people who are contacting us asking for help. They might be between roles or they are looking to make the next step in their career. When we looked, we realised that Travel Retail roles can often be difficult to find. We decided to fix that…

 Last week, we launched TR Jobs Board ( TR Jobs Board is completely free to use. You can:

  • Post jobs for free
  • Add your details under the TR Pro’s section
  • Make your details anonymous (when you select this setting it hides your name)
  • Have a free review of your offline CV

We have had some questions about this so here they are with some answers:

  • Nothing is free, where’s the catch?

Well, there isn’t one. If you follow the blog, have had a conversation with me or work with us, you know that One Red Kite is about helping others. We know of some amazingly talented people who are between jobs are struggling to find the roles out there. You can use the trade press or Linkedin or a recruiter but it is all very fragmented. This puts great jobs and great people all in one place.

  • No really, what is the cost?

The site has been created and is sponsored by One Red Kite. Pop over to and check out what we do. We even promote the site and the roles you post on your behalf. So… there really is no cost.

  • How many people are using it?

We have had a lot of interest already. Some have signed up straight away, others want to see how the site goes before signing up. That’s ok. We expect this to grow over time. In essence, the more people that use it, the more jobs will get posted and the more useful it will become.

  • What type of jobs can I post?

You can post Permanent, Interim, Contract, Temporary Or Short Term / Daily Contracts. You can set yourself up as a “Company” to post a job. You can add your logo and contact details. When people apply, you are notified by the system.

  • Why Daily Contracts?

Some companies require a small amount of help or ad-hoc resource. They might only need someone for 2 or 3 days. There is a wealth of experience in the industry that people can tap into.

  • But Travel Retail is different though?

Yes, it is and we fully agree. Having those with experience are hard to find. Those that have been on the front line or in a retailer head office environment are fully aware of how the market operates and the differences compared to domestic. That is why we aim to screen anyone who registers as a TR Pro to ensure that have experience within Travel Retail.

  • Is there a limit to the number of jobs I can post?

No. Post as many as you like. It is still free.

  • I don’t want to disclose my brand when posting a role

That is fine. We can help with that. Contact us ( and we will work with you to post your role under TR Jobs Board. We will then forward applicants onto you.

  • How does the offline CV review work? How much does it cost?

We will help you with your offline CV and give advice on how to best adapt it to give you a greater chance of being noticed. The initial review is free too.

  • What makes you qualified to help me with my CV?

Jill has worked in Operational, HR and Talent Acquisition roles for many years. Recently we have successfully helped a number of people move into roles. It is because of this and the talent pool that we have that we decided to do what we can to help.

  • Talent Pool? Who have you got?

Well, we have a range of people at all levels. We have World Wide Marketing Directors to those just starting their journey into our amazing industry. If we are asked for help, we will always try to do our best.

  • So are you a recruitment company?

One Red Kite is not a recruitment company. It is a consultancy that specialises in Category Management for Travel Retail, it provides Data Management services, it conducts Research and it also provides digital capabilities. Check out “NOW”, are new service to help drive incremental value for brands and retailers We are doing this to help others.

  • So what do you want from me?

It would be great if you bookmark us, visit us regularly and share TR Jobs Board with people you know. Someone you know is looking to move onto their next challenge. Help them find it. Post your details on the TR Pro’s section and you might end up with that role you have been after.

  • OK, and the cost again?

It is free.

I hope this answers your questions. Please feel free to get in touch. We are always here to help someone in our industry. I will be in Singapore for the TFWA show in May, if you see me there, come and say hello.

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All the best