Back in Q1 2013, One Red Kite undertook some research to understand the role of Social Media in Travel Retail. Our findings have wide implications for the whole of travel retail. For those of you who have started down the road of using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc – have you noticed how it has been hard going?

We think we have found out why. It is all down to a paradox that appears to be specific to Travel Retail.

The Social Media Paradox

Once you have read this article, check out some twitter accounts from our industry. Some have hundreds, even  thousands of tweets but less than a 1,000 followers. Connecting and engaging travellers is not easy.

Our research revealed some interesting insights that has allowed us to expand our services to help our industry overcome this paradox. It has allowed us to create our Digital Framework that will give our clients the ability to start to bridge the gaps we have found. It has also led to our expansion.

UK’s Best Media Talent

It is clear that video is an incredibly powerful medium both in-store and on social media. Used in the right way, brands & retailers can amplify the effect of their campaigns on the path to purchase and beyond.

For this reason I have brought onboard some of the UK’s best media talent who have been responsible for the direction and production of television adverts for leading UK and global brands. This combination of Travel Retail knowledge and a leading media skill set means that our clients now have access to the most appropriate writers, directors and crew to deliver their message. We are now able to create everything from TV ad’s to brand promotion media through to training modules.

One Video – 11 Million Views

A great example of the power of video has been the recent “All By Myself” phenomenon. Across the internet, this video in its various forms has had over 11m views. Richard Dunn, a passenger travelling through Las Vegas, created this video during an overnight stop over.

Another Reason to Deploy Video

We know that people are able to recall 15% of what they hear but that can jump to 85% when powerful messages are combined with visual stimulus. In a brand-building environment such as the major airport hubs, this is a key tool to bring brands to life. However, to have the greatest effect, it MUST be deployed in the right way.

Free At Cannes 2014

I believe that research should only be done if it is going to add real commercial value. We set out to understand Social Media through online studies, several focus groups and even ran some live experiments. We have done that and I have now taking action on those findings.

Not only have we taken action, but we are happy to share the key headlines for free at Cannes 2014. We will also be sharing some other ideas on how you can amplify the effect of your campaign. To book a meeting and find out more, please contact me at

As ever, thank you for reading & sharing.