We are delighted to welcome you to our stand at the
Moodie Davitt Virtual Travel Retail Expo 2020

On our stand you will find out:

  • TEN reasons why global category leading brands choose us
  • How we increased our clients productivity by taking task away
  • How we have re-invented Recruitment for Travel Retail
  • How Bespoke Mystery Shopping can be transform your results

As a Gold Partner, we are presenting in the Virtual Showcase.
The Diamond Model For Peak Performance

 During our presentation you will find out:

  • Whether it is time to change what we believe about Travel Retail
  • More about the service delivery gap
  • How the Diamond Model can help Travel Retail
  • How Travel Retail can learn from Formula 1 racing
  • How a new revenue stream can be created
  • How you can instantly apply the model to drive performance

Jill has changed the way exceptional talent is found in Travel Retail with 
Red Kite Recruitment

 Speak to Jill to find out:

  • Why Red Kite Recruitment is different
  • How we approach candidate care to protect your brand
  • Why Jill’s experience at WDF adds value to our clients

We have used our extensive retail experience to create our
Bespoke Mystery Shopping Service

 Speak to Jill to find out:

  • How our bespoke mystery shopping service works
  • Key insights that we have delivered over the years
  • How you can close the service gap to improve conversion


We were asked to share our story for a podcast. We have share some powerful insights in
The Power Of Extraordinary Service 

Doing the right thing is a central pillar of our business. In this podcast, we share how we gave up on a big opportunity to ensure that did the right thing for our clients.

This recording was for the Make It Work Podcast by Fern Lulham.


We have given some of our space on stand to Julie Colombino, Founder and CEO of the charity, REBUILD Globally and Deux Mains

Julie has an incredible story. After the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, Julie sold up everything to go and help the relief work. When handing out a bottles of water, one lady said ‘I don’t want a bottle of water, I want a job’. It was in that moment, she knew that she needed to do something that creates jobs to help people out of poverty. Watch her TED talk to learn more.

With such an incredible story and the connection Travel Retail has with Haiti (thanks to Martin Moodie), we knew that the Virtual Expo could be an incredible platform to showcase the wonderful work Julie and her team have been doing. As shopper trends shift towards ethical products, fair trade and businesses that are making a social difference, we believe that Julie and Deux Mains can offer something truly different.

 Visit their website at www.rebuildglobally.org

To book a meeting, contact her on julie@deuxmains.com


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