voyager 2 - The game changer

Voyager 2 delivers Range Reviews, Basket Analysis, Nationality Analysis, Destination Analysis. Using Voyager 2 can help optimise store layouts, space allocation and create additional profit streams.

Voyager 2 has been designed from the ground up, specifically for the needs of Travel Retail. It is a powerful tool that can easily create store specific assortments, deliver practical and actionable insights. It can also generate a new revenue stream for retailers.

easy to use

Voyager 2 is super simple to use. With simple drop down boxes, anyone can build an assortment or uncover practical and actionable insights.

insight unlocked

Voyager 2 is able to analyse basket data quickly and effectively. Powerful algorithm’s do all the hard work to make life easier for users.

target shoppers

Voyager 2 enables you to target key passenger groups, the brands they buy and how they spend. This can be translated into key actions to drive results.

Margin Optimised

Increase sales and profitablity through powerful but simple  analysis. The advanced algorithms designed specifically for travel retail do all the hard work.

basket analysis

Voyager 2 has the capability to complete fast and effective basket analysis. It identifies which brands are bought together and what you can do to grow sales.

insight visualised

Charts bring insights to life. It makes it easy to see the huge opportunities that exist. This is a powerful way to engage teams and to encourage a approach. 

Space Optimisation

The insights derived by Voyager 2 can help optimise store layouts, brand positioning, space allocations & assortment sizes. Get the most out of your retail space.


flexible system

Voyager 2 requires zero coding. It utilises the hierarchy you already use making it super flexible and practical. 



The industry is going through a turbulent time. If the industry is to survive the challenge of online retail, it needs to think differently. The time has come to step change the way we look at our market.

There is an unparalleled level of insight locked up and unused. By changing the way we look at data, by opening up and sharing in away that poses zero risk to existing concession contracts, the channel can move forward at an unprecedented rate.

It has been my passion to find a way to do this. Voyager 2 does exactly that. Optimised assortment, optimised space, effective targeting and additional profit streams. It is the way forward for innovative retailers.

kevin brocklebank, founder of one red kite ltd

who does it help?


buying & merchandising




retail operations


store teams


market research


Space Planning


commercial finance


key account managers


brand managers

Cross Functional Support

Voyager 2 has been designed to benefit a wide range of key stakeholders. The system works takes data and turns it into practical and actionable insight. From creating a bespoke assortment for a given store through to designing a store layouts, Voyager 2 gives the right information to make better decisions.

AMAzon approach to the shop floor

The system goes further. It enables users to directly influence the shop floor. Imagine having a system that tells you the type of shoppers to expect in the next hour, what they buy, the brands they prefer to buy with it and how they prefer to spend. With Voyager 2, you can. This brings Amazon style of product recommendation to the shop floor.

increasing basket size

Amazon grow their sales by presenting products that are frequently bought together. Within Travel Retail, up to 85% of transactions are single category and up to 50% of transactions can be single item transactions.

If Travel Retail embraced this kind of approach, they canUnderstanding what is bought with key brands, you can increase basket size and deliver incremental growth.

Amazon take this a stage further. They then offer additional bundles that fall outside of the bundle that other shoppers have also bought In the example below, you can see 14 pages of additional products! They are suggesting 84 additional products to buy with the main camera.

“Voyager 2 uncovers ways to convert more shoppers, increase basket size & increase impulse purchases”

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