Month: November 2013

Managing Others – Including Shoppers

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a fantastically simple infographic / cartoon that highlights the difference between introverts and extroverts. When we hear those 2 words we are often filled with dread (particularly if you are an introvert like me) because of the fear of being labelled with the wrong interpretation. I shared it on Linkedin but wanted to add some Travel Retail perspectives to it. It’s All About Energy When understanding behaviour, Introverts and Extroverts are labels for describing where people get their energy from. Depending on where you get your energy from, you are likely to express certain behaviours. Of course, this has implications for those who deal with people (that is almost everyone!) but especially managers and those on the front line talking to shoppers. Managing People When managing teams, of course it helps to understand how individuals generate their energy. What is also useful as a manager is to help the team understand where YOUR energy comes from. If you are an Introvert (you create your own energy) and you are managing a team of extroverts, it can become very tiring. By helping the team understand that you need some space or ‘thinking time’ every so often, they will actually get more from you. Talking to an introvert that is fully depleted of energy can be like talking to a wooden post (just...

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A Quick Update

Apologies for the delay in updating the blog. It has been a busy time! Cannes was incredibly positive with a lot of excitement around TRUST, VOYAGER and other innovations that our frontline TR experience is bringing to the arena. It is this experience that allows us to think like Travel Retailer and deliver recommendations and ideas that are practical and commercially viable. Our innovations keep us at least one step ahead. Filming Studies Should Be Delivering You More One such innovation is in our research capability. We are leveraging our experience to drive additional value out of filming studies (watching shoppers interact with their store environments). We are able to deliver powerful insights that software just cannot provide. Whilst other research companies can provide statistics on thousands of passengers, we take a different approach that provides much deeper insights and therefore can lead to commercial and quantifiable value for our clients. If you have done video research and all you are getting back is the funnel i.e. 100 people visited 20 people interacted 10 people picked up something 2 people bought The average time at the fixture was 43 seconds …. you might want to go back and challenge. What can you really do with this information? Not a lot. You are paying for actionable insights, make sure you are getting them. For us, Research MUST deliver much much...

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