WE REALLY LOVE travel retail

Clients call us when they need answers from data in a way that travel retailers will respond to and act upon. We offer a friendly and practical end to end service that supports brands, retailers and operators in all aspects of retail.

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we also really love data

Data excites us. We know that data can lead to profitable decisions. Whether we are turning messy data into something that can be easy to use or evaluating complex promotions, travel retail data is our passion. We pride ourselves on being able to find ‘the needle in the haystack’.

We Make Data EASY TO USE




we make data useable

Receiving data from multiple retailers can present major challenges. How do you combine the data? How can you use that to benchmark performances? How can you draw comparisons and extract insights? This is how we do it…





we make retail easy

In today’s challenging travel retail market, Category Management holds the key to driving incremental growth. From getting the right assortment, optimising space or advising on profitable promotions and more, we can support your needs.


We help retailers and brands create assortments that will convert shoppers into buyers. Ensuring you have the right range architecture will help people to trade up into higher priced lines.


We advise on space allocation and position to help maximise every shopping opportunity. Efficient use of space can reduce costs, reduce ‘out of stocks’ and increase profitability.


We advise retailers and brands on how to help shoppers find the right category, the right brand and the right product for them. The right path to purchase can significantly increase impulse purchases.


Promotions have a role to play within the Category Management tool kit. We help clients understand the effect of promotions, their impact on profitbility and advise on how to improve full price sales.

sharing our knowledge

We believe in helping others and we regularly share thoughts and ideas that can help grow performances across the industry. Whatever your interest, there is likely to be something for you.

Want to see content on a particular topic? Tell us what you want to see.

“We have used the content within this blog to train our retail teams.”


OUR values

One Red Kite was founded on 4 key pillars. Integrity, Quality, Expertise & Innovation. These form the bedrock for everything we do and the way we do it.


We operate with the highest level’s of integrity. This is essential in a highly competitive channel such as Travel Retail. Our unique structure makes it possible to work with multiple clients in the same arena.


We love what we do. It is a passion. When you are passionate about something, you put your best into it. We work closely with our clients in a collaborative way to ensure that we deliver against and exceed their expectations.


To advise on Travel Retail, direct experience within airport retail is invaluable. This means serving shoppers, dealing with the everyday challenges and using that knowledge to provide strategic advice to clients.


Delivering incremental uplifts requires constant change and innovation. To be able to implement some of our thinking, we couldn’t find the tools to do it… so we built them.


We see One Red Kite as a true business partner. You are an extension to our internal team and we value your contribution to our success. Client

Your front line experience has once again proved invaluable. It has improved the relationship with retailers and given us an advantage over our competition. Client

You have managed to help us unlock a difficult relationship with one of our retailers and they are now sharing data with us. Thank you. Client

the founders

Travel Retail is different to conventional retail. When you have lived it and breathed it, you can bring it to life. Our broad cross functional experience delivers just that.

Kevin Brocklebank

Kevin Brocklebank


Kevin Brocklebank has 25 years experience in retailing, working within major retailers in the UK to WDFG from Macro and Micro Space Planning, Category Management to Commercial Finance. His experience along with a Marketing degree means he can provide excellence in the field of analysis and providing a high quality service for clients. Specialising in turning a small amount of data into truly meaningful insight that can make a difference when applied to the shelf.  Passionate about improving and game changing the channel, he can be somewhat controversial at times but with only the notion to drive the opportunities in the market.
JILL Brocklebank

JILL Brocklebank


With over 20 years retail experience in both domestic and airport retail, from Store management, Learning and Development, HR and Resourcing with retailers and global brands, Jill provides valuable expertise in recruitment, coaching, training and development to clients.

We are a dedicated, hard working and committed company that focuses on working collaboratively to get the best results for our clients. We have hands-on, practical experience of airport retail.  This is essential in a highly competitive channel such as Travel Retail. Our unique structure makes it possible to work with multiple clients in the same arena.

We take a commercially focused approach and provide a unique perspective on Retail and Travel Retail. We use a blend of art and science to consistently deliver results. We have a proven track record and a work ethos to match. We are seen as a partner within the industry and focus on supporting the channel to drive incremental growth.


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