Month: December 2013

Imitate or Innovate?

The festive period has given us time to reflect on the events of the last year. We are truly grateful for our followers and readers. Thank you. It has been a busy year of innovation for us. We continue to challenge ourselves and push our frontline experience to create simple, cost effective solutions to make a positive difference in our channel. The question that always springs to mind is “Should we imitate what is out there already? Or beat a new path and innovate?” Imitation In 2013, we announced our research project that looks to identify passenger expectations when travelling by air. How can we effectively understand shoppers if we have no perspective of what they expect? As retailers and brands, are we putting our cash in the right place to generate the best return on investment? Probably not. We were the first to seek to understand passenger expectations and we know that at least 2 research companies in the channel are now also looking to understand shopper’s expectations. As they say, imitation is a form of flattery – we are already influencing the industry. Of course, we anticipated imitation. It was what we set out to achieve. Our aim was to make our mark and demonstrate our capability of thought leadership in a complex channel. In essence, to be followed. We have achieved this goal. Innovation The industry...

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Store Operations – Going Backstage

As you know, Travel Retail fascinates me. It is a wonderful environment which has the hustle and bustle of people moving through and onwards to their final destination. To help these people lighten their bank balance, we create luxurious stores that sparkle and shine. Tempt, delight, lure, whatever your choice of words, the store environment has been designed to provide a sense of luxury. As time goes on, the glitz and the glamour can fade and we are left with a ‘working store’ that never quite reaches the standard that was set on its opening day. In essence, standards slip as greater emphasis is placed on selling rather than maintaining a beautiful store. The Importance of Operations Today, I want to talk about the area backstage. As soon as you take a step off the shop floor what do you see? I believe great retail is not just about what the shopper sees. Great retail is also about the operational standards too. I will use a non-travel retail experience to demonstrate my point. Going Backstage As you probably know by now, I have a son who is 4. Before setting off on a shopping trip, I ask him (until I am blue in the face) whether he needs the toilet. He insists he does not. Now, the readers who have children know exactly what is coming next. We arrive...

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