Month: March 2015

5 Pitfalls In Space Planning In Travel Retail

The Importance Of Space For Brands & Retailers Whether you are a brand, a retailer or operator, one of the big questions in retail is how should you allocate space in a Travel Retail. There are a number of ways to do this but today I want to share 5 common pitfalls with regards to space planning. Before I start, I do need to stress the importance of space. Whether you are a brand wanting more space or a retailer trying to manage space, space planning is a critical but often overlooked function. As one of my old managers...

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5 Pitfalls Of Assortment Planning In Travel Retail

Getting the right product range in store is absolutely critical. Here are the 5 pitfalls when it comes to selecting an assortment in travel retail. 1. The Assortment Is Too Big If the range is too big it can switch the shopper off. Countless studies have shown that too much choice prevents the shopper from making a decision for fear of making the wrong one. Cognitive Dissonance is that feeling of doubt you get after making a purchase. When there is too much choice, the greater the chance the shopper will have that feeling of doubt. 2. The Assortment...

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