Month: January 2017

Desigual Talks To Women In Travel Retail #1

This is a great initiative by Desigual. Check out the video below that appears on the Moodie Davitt Report site. They are right when they say that you have to be persistent in Travel Retail, regardless of gender. To  create change, you have to stick to what you believe in and keep pushing forward. There are some very big wins to be had in Travel Retail. It is good to see Desigual and the Moodie Davitt Report playing a role in highlighting...

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Google Search Trends & Duty Free

Just a quick post today. ​On a walk home and I started to thinking about digital marketing and wondered what the Google Trends site would uncover. In this post, there are a series of charts. The charts look at the last 5 years for defined search trends. It does not show actual numbers but a relative index compared to a peak. ​So… let’s begin…. My first thought was to search for Duty Free Shop and it suggested Duty-free shop. ​As you can see on the trendline below, the searches peaked in the summer of 2012. Since then, the term...

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Free Travel Retail Workshop Near You : Winning Now, Securing The Future

Since starting my blogs ( and, I have had some great feedback. People often stop me at conferences and tell me how much they really enjoy them. I’m told that I bring a fresh perspective to travel retail. Others tell me how they use the blogs to support training for their team. I am frequently encouraged to do more, say more and for this reason, I am planning on running an interactive breakfast workshop. In this workshop, I will share: The 5 key future trends that Retailers, Airports and Brands must be ready for Actionable insights from over 60 in-store mystery assessments The...

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Travel Retail’s Biggest Opportunity Right Now

Travel Retail has a problem. Data. However, there is a solution. That solution is Dark Data. I have heard many people talk about how little data they have within Travel Retail. I must agree, data can be difficult to come by. The thing is, even with a little data, you can do something. Did you know that you only need 6 numbers to uncover a story or an opportunity? 6 simple numbers. So, is there a shortage of data? Or are we overlooking what we have hidden on network drives or attached to emails? Dark data therefore is data...

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The Millennials Question

I have been a fan of Simon Sinek for a while now, ever since I discovered one of his talks on TED. I then read his book – “Start With Why”. It is an amazing book and worth a read. I always knew I there was a “Why” to starting One Red Kite. I followed his methodology and clarified my company why…. Here it is…. ​ This is why we we get up every day. “Help People Succeed Through Our Expertise & Services” Or to make it even simpler…. “Help People Succeed” Those 8 words set the tone of the business. It defines us, it defines how we recruit, it defines how we work,  it defines what we stand for. 8 simple words. It means that even when I am travelling, my team know what to priortise and what is expected of them. They should do the things that will help our clients succeed. MILLENNIALS  Anyway, I thought I would share this video as Simon Sinek makes some very valid points. I recently had a coffee with someone and we discussed the state of recruitment. He went on to refer to Millennials as “Snowflake” generation. I asked him what he meant and his explanation was… “The millennials I have seen are like snowflakes. Put them under a small amount of pressure and they buckle and melt”. This video goes some way...

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